Thank you for visiting our web site. Founded by a team of experts with solid engineering and  plant integrity background, Verantio Europe B.V. provides high performance services and  engineering solutions to our clients. Our "knowledge" is based on industry best practices as  derived from years of international experience in the consultation, operation, inspection,  training and engineering support services as applied in your industry.  Our experience team knows what it takes and works close with you to save time and money  using the cutting-edge technological solutions and provides all the constituents to create a  successful assignment. We deploy the entire spectrum of engineering solutions to assist our  projects which includes work in a variety of market sectors. We cover projects related to the design, maintenance, inspection, repair and upgrades all  over the world. Our mission Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of services in  project management, integrity support and advice. Through our culture, our drive and the  expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class  services to any customer - whatever their size, whatever they do, wherever they are. We are a values-driven company and our core values include: 1. Excellent customer service 2. Taking care of our people by being a company for employees, from employees 3. Giving back by sharing the knowledge 4. Doing the "right" thing 5. Creating value for money 6. Respect for all people 7. Entrepreneurial spirit 8. Building strong relationships Our vision Our vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do flows from our vision. We  just don't happen to be a business that sells - it's what we're all about - in the eyes of our  customers, shareholders, communities and people. We expect and demand the best we have  to offer by always keeping Verantio's values top of mind. This is in our opinion the only way  to make your and our life more enjoyable.  The name Verantio is originated from the Dutch word “verantwoordelijkheid”, which means responsibility. Obviously as an engineering consultancy company it is important to be responsible for the plans you created!. © Verantio Europe B.V. 2012  We provide sustainable advice