At Verantio Europe B.V., we have partnered with leading experts, to provide professional  development training courses for Managers, Engineers, Operators, Inspectors and  Technicians. The courses are a combination of theory and practical instruction, presented by experts in the field with years of industry experience.  The primary focus of the training is to bring the  latest standards and techniques in storage tanks, boilers, pressures vessels, piping, tank  gauging, tank program, as well as highlighting problem areas.  Upon client request, the courses can also be held on-site, allowing various staff members to  attend between shift changeovers.  All attendees are presented with a comprehensive set of notes as well as a certificate of  attendance."   © Verantio Europe B.V. 2012  Our Trainings schedule will follow soon! If you already have a specific wish, please let us know by contacting us. Knowledge is your greatest asset